Zubr is delighted to officially announce our new arts and culture brand: Curio.

For the past six years, Zubr has been creating experimental augmented and virtual reality content across many different sectors, and now it is time for our work in the cultural sphere to be represented by a whole new identity: Zubr Curio!

Though still a part of Zubr, at Curio we’ll be building on our years of tech experience and our unique creative approach to bolster our bespoke AR and VR offerings for the arts, culture and heritage sectors. With a focus on supporting museums, galleries and cultural institutions in expanding their digital offer, and producing powerful, engaging immersive interpretation, Curio is your friendly jargon-free studio who can make your wildest ideas for visitor engagement a reality.

We love finding the right solution for your particular problem, and the most effective way to share your content. We don’t make technological things just for the sake of it, and we don’t just want to be a tick in the box for the digital requirement in a funding bid. We want to collaborate with you on something special, and leave you with digital interpretation that truly augments your existing offer. We’re interested in creating quality experiences that deepen audience engagement and learning, and we’ve got the technical expertise to make it happen.

If you’ve got an idea or are simply curious about what augmented reality could do for you, then get in touch. We’re happy to give you a free consultation about anything from initial ideas and budgets to technical feasibility or preparation for a funding bid.

Amy – Project Manager

In the coming weeks, we’ll be kicking off a partnership project called Making a Scene with Bristol Old Vic and the University of Bristol Theatre Collection, which is one of fourteen recipients of the Digital Innovation and Engagement Fund from the UKRI, AHRC and Museums Association. This will see us using our own inventive AR solution to bring theatre artifacts to young people in a way that would otherwise be impossible – so stay tuned! Keep an eye on our Instagram and blog for updates, announcements and a sneak peek at some work-in-progress.

We’re excited to meet you and work together on some projects!