Minny Stynker App Privacy Policy

App Specific Info:

Zubr Virtual Reality LTD and Soap Soup Theatre will not collect any personal or non-personal data i.e data that doesn’t directly identify you, whether this be email addresses, names, telephone numbers, MAC or UDIDs, location or log identifiers. Our app products do not contain any analytic software. It is really important to understand your opt-out rights. Whenever you uninstall the app, the places, comments and ratings you created will remain in the servers.
AR apps may require the use of your built-in camera on your device. Its purpose is to solely operate the AR activity within the app, and under no circumstance is to be used for data capture.

Additional information regarding Children’s Privacy to Zubr Virtual Reality LTD.

Zubr Virtual Reality LTD complies with GDPR and takes precautions designed to protect the online privacy of children. We do not knowingly collect information from children. If the person indicates that he or she is under 13 years old, we will (i) collect no or limited personal information (e.g. persistent identifier and/or email address only) from that individual, (ii) inform the child that a parent’s verifiable consent is required, and/or (iii) collect the email address of the user’s parent in addition to the user’s email address. We may use the parent’s email address to seek the parent’s verifiable consent or notify the parent of his/her child’s online activities and enable the parent to unsubscribe his/her child from a newsletter or other similar activity.