We champion immersive interpretation

We champion immersive interpretation

Museums and Heritage

Invite your visitors to relive history with augmented reality for museums, or explore virtual restorations of historical sites and ruins.

We offer many different mediums of digital interpretation and augmented reality for heritage and historical sites including apps, AR binoculars, social media filters or interactive trails.

augmented reality for museums
AR cutaway for Carrickfergus Castle
augmented reality for museums
AR restoration for National Gallery

Whisk your visitors away to another time, or place

Augmented reality for museums is a powerful way to show people how artefacts were used, while augmented reality for heritage can demonstrate how historical sites once looked.

Augmented reality for museums and cultural heritage sites provides a visual and interactive boost to any exhibit, without detracting from traditional engagement. In fact, physical exhibition design, printed guidance, and even the tour guide role can all benefit from digital enhancement.

We work with academics, archivists, interpretation teams and tour operators to recreate authentic 3D environments and artefacts before implementing them into accessible, user-friendly AR applications that bring history to life.

augmented reality for museums
AR historic architecture experience for Bristol Old Vic

Engage your audience with bespoke augmented reality content

With its ever-increasing possibilities, augmented reality for museums and heritage is the perfect approach for a wide range of cultural and historical organisations to add an entirely new dimension to their visitor experience.

Your existing interpretation can be complemented by skilfully crafted immersive content.

By tapping into this new technology, you can excite your visitors in ways that were previously impossible – whilst strengthening your digital outreach and social media engagement.

Curio specialises in augmented reality for museums and heritage

Curio has a unique understanding of both the relevant cutting-edge AR and VR technologies, and the nature of heritage interpretation and audience engagement.

Our multidisciplinary team are experts at designing and developing digital interpretation and augmented reality for museums, heritage sites and cultural institutions.

We follow a flexible approach to AR content design and deployment, as no two use cases are the same – with outputs ranging from app-based augmented reality for historical sites, to Instagram filters for museums and AR binoculars installed on location.

augmented reality for museums
Hidden Florence AR project for National Gallery
augmented reality for museums
Testing an AR app at the V&A

Custom content curation for digital interpretation

As every AR project is different, we begin with an initial content consultation between our team and the project’s heritage experts to ensure we are fully briefed on the relevant historical content. We love delving into the historical nuggets you’ve unearthed and finding new ways to share the stories, facts and myths with your visitors.

Following an initial consultation we confirm the format of digital interpretation with the client and begin development. We create a project brief and storyboard the user experience, so you know how your visitors will be engaging with the digital interpretation.

Our design team creates spectacular 2D and 3D assets for each experience, including accurate AR facades and interiors, 3D-modelled artefacts, and animated historical characters. All filming, animation, sound design, editing and development is done in house.

We can also conduct or advise on 3D scanning and photogrammetry to help create project assets.

We ensure regulatory compliance in all projects, and are able to include data monitoring and comprehensive interaction statistics if required.

During development we share demos, screenshots and test apps so project teams can try out the experience and give us feedback including new ideas and any changes.

Our projects are always highly collaborative; we want the final experience to exceed your expectations and delight curators, conservators, first-time visitors and life-long members alike so it’s vital we involve as many people as possible during the testing phase.

Most projects culminate in onsite delivery and installation where we conduct thorough testing to identify and solve any bugs, leaving you with a visitor-ready experience.

Past Projects

We’re confident we can deliver an original experience tailored to meet your organisation’s aims and needs. Previously we’ve delivered high-quality digital interpretation projects for organisations including the National Gallery, Benaki Museum, Acropolis site, Bristol Old Vic, Eden Project and Carrickfergus Castle. See our selected example projects here, and get in touch with us to arrange a live demonstration or free consultation.