Top 10 inspiring Curio case studies

Greek Pavilion 2020 Dubai: World Expo AR app

We make technology invisible

Exeter Library: Unlocking the Cage

We improve archival access with AR

Visit Gravesend: In Gravesham Footsteps

We help historic towns celebrate their roots

Eden Project: Venus Exploration and Lost Giants VR Safari

We are unrestrained by the laws of time and space

ar art gallery

Alex Hirtzel: Displays Decoded

We seamlessly blend science, art and education

Upfest 2020 and beyond

We bring new tech to old school

Bristol Old Vic: Window to the Past

We do it just to see their faces light up

Tourism NI: Carrickfergus Castle

We bring you closer to the past

Sally Coulden: Abstracted

We breathe life into your bold ideas

Limina Immersive: VR Cinema

We put the audience at the centre of the experience

National Gallery: Hidden Florence 3D

We reveal the hidden layers