Welcome to Zubr Curio Museum + Heritage show attendees!

We’re a leading augmented and virtual reality studio specialising in digital interpretation for museums, galleries, libraries, heritage sites, academics and creative practitioners.

We’re at the Museum + Heritage show to unveil our brand new AR/VR binoculars, and demonstrate how to use AR or VR to immerse your visitors in history and give them an unforgettable experience.

Visit us on stand H1 to find out more, or attend our masterclass at 11:40 on Wednesday 11th.

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augmented reality binoculars
Social Media Filters

Put your visitors in the picture

Try on historic outfits, interact with AR artefacts or simply step into a different 360 world using social media filters.

Accessed directly through your organisations’ existing social media, available to anyone with Instagram or Facebook, and with comprehensive inbuilt analytics this is AR made easy.

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3D Models

Get up close with artefacts

Give your visitors a chance to get up close and personal with fragile collections using 3D models.

From LIDAR scanning tiny or huge objects, to 3D modelling historic buildings, ships or landscapes, we’ve got the skills to help your audience get closer to history than ever before.

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Virtual Reality

Step into a new world

Whether you want to explore ancient ruins, see monuments in their heyday, or rebuild lost architecture, VR is the closest you’ll come to experiencing time travel.

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Augmented Reality

Witness the past and present collide

AR offers your visitors a way to interact with artwork and artefacts, without losing their grip on the real world!

You can animate collections, add long-destroyed buildings back into a historic site, or return objects to their original context.

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