Give your visitors a new perspective

Give your visitors a new perspective

The best of analogue and digital combined

augmented reality binoculars

Zubr Curio is the only AR/VR studio in the UK to provide both the hardware and software for augmented reality binoculars.

Developed through 5 years of R&D, our augmented reality binoculars are the perfect hands-on solution for even the least tech-savvy visitor to heritage organisations, tourist attractions, museums, public engagement and marketing events, corporate training programmes and more.

Recent clients for our augmented reality binoculars include the custom periscope binoculars we made for Tower Bridge to unlock the cityscape view to small children and wheelchair users, whose view is blocked by girder structures.

Intuitive software for a powerful immersive experience

Ever wanted to share an alternate view of your site with your visitors? Perhaps a ruin in its heyday, or how a conservation project you’re working on will look when it’s complete?

Or maybe you want to create a piece of engaging digital interpretation that doesn’t disrupt the authenticity or immersion of your visitors’ experience?

Nobody can resist peering through a pair of binoculars to see the view beyond and, although this way of viewing is familiar and self-explanatory, the views you can create using augmented reality binoculars are anything other than ordinary.

We use gaze-activations to create an intuitive user experience: the most you focus on something, the more you’ll discover!

The team at Zubr are really wonderful to work with, providing great communication and expert advice on the functionality of the binoculars and the types of content that would work effectively on the device. They were incredibly helpful at every stage right through design, install and even launch!

Natalie Fey Interpretation Manager, SS Great Britain Trust
Augmented reality binoculars

Hardware you can trust

We build all-metal units to the same specification as those installed at seaside resorts, piers and tourist attractions around the world.

Our binoculars are robust with a fully galvanised steel construction column and stand, and a light aluminium head. The eyepieces are waterproof stainless steel with a polycarbonate cover. All units are powder coated to the highest EU standards and weather-resistant as standard.

Available in a range of custom colours and finishes, our augmented reality binoculars are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.

People loved interacting with this installation, which mixes the nostalgia of seaside attractions with the magic of seeing a landscape change before your eyes. The fact that you don’t need anything to take part was key, allowing anyone, smartphone user or not, to walk up and see the past and future of the area spring to life around them.

Calvium – Cardiff Bay, Porth Tigr
augmented reality binoculars
AR binoculars construction site

Augmented reality without downloading an app

Augmented reality is a fantastic way to let your audience see amazing visuals that would otherwise be impossible: whether it’s looking into the past, watching artworks or natural history collections come to life, or playing an educational video game in the air around you.

But downloading a new app is often a commitment that many people aren’t willing to make – often due to device space, battery drainage or data consumption.

Fortunately, our AR binoculars are a brilliant, accessible solution that allow our clients to make the most of everything our augmented reality services have to offer without asking anyone to download an app.

Rather than removing visitors from an immersive experience, our AR binoculars let visitors get hands-on with a digital experience that still feels tangible.

Bespoke content and creative support

Every project has different needs and we are happy to recommend the best content for a particular location, or way to engage your visitors. We work with you to determine the right experience for your site, and offer hardware and software cover as well as general support through an optional SLA post-project.

For example, we built classic New York style AR binoculars to showcase a future property development in Cardiff Bay. Those augmented reality binoculars featured a ‘time travel’ lever on the side, allowing people to see what the area looked like in the past as well as the future. The software featured a calibrated 3D landscape which changed depending on the time period, to show features such as steam ships, Victorian houses and high rise apartment blocks.

We believe our AR binoculars are an incredible solution for heritage and tourism sites. Why not pop into our studio and have a look yourself?