Collaboration is at the heart of what we do

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do

A subdivision of parent company

Zubr Curio is a specialist augmented and virtual reality studio catering specifically to the arts, heritage and culture sector by developing high-quality, accessible, audience-centred immersive content and educational experiences.

Inspired by a deep love and respect for cultural heritage, research is at the forefront of our process. Our dedicated team works closely with museum and heritage professionals to create authentic immersive experiences that transport your visitors to another time or place. We push the boundaries of digital interpretation to provide new ways of seeing and experiencing art, heritage, and culture.

We sensitively interpret collections, using our skills to augment the stories you wish to share, and deliver our content in a way which complements traditional forms of engagement and existing exhibitions.

Our values


We revitalise existing interpretation and devise revolutionary ways to explore history & art


We advise how to give your visitors a brand new perspective or experience


We listen to what excites you so we can share that excitement with your audience

Our services

Our services cover everything from project conception through to app store submissions or in-venue installations, including scripting, 3D scanning, 3D modelling, app development, real-world calibration and analytics.

We develop everything from museum interactives and performance art installations to augmented social media filters or education tools, AR binoculars, 3D historically and geographically-accurate models, apps and even virtual events.

Calibrated AR

Narration and Sound Effects


Unity Apps

Animated Characters

Web AR

Virtual Reality

Script and Copywriting

Info Hotspots

3D Modelling

AR Trails and Filters

Promo Videos

Our awards

Our clients

Our friendly and open approach, combined with our expertise gained from successfully delivering 300+ projects, sets us apart from other digital studios.

Our clients trust us to deliver unique, content-rich, and engaging digital experiences tailored to their visitors.

We work internationally and across sector: from public-facing organisations like museums, archives, libraries, theatres and schools, to individual artists, trusts and tourism boards.

Our varied client-base means we’re confident our experiences are accessible, intuitive and informative.

Our binoculars

In 2017 we began designing viewing hardware, recognising the importance of offering a simple but enticing route into immersive content for young children, older people, technophobes, and anyone who would prefer not to download or stream content with their own devices.

We launched our award-nominated AR/VR Binoculars in 2022, granting us unique expertise across both hardware and software development.

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Our ethos

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We’ve completed over 300 projects

Tens of thousands of people in museums, galleries, science centres and theatres have enjoyed our digital experiences.

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We understand the guidance

We ensure our work adheres to the Heritage Fund’s digital guidance, and can help advise you on how best to navigate it.

We’re collaborators, not suppliers

We’ll work with you to build something bespoke, as ready-made products or cookie-cutter designs are rarely the answer.

We make things open

We aim to publish all code for publicly-funded projects under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license for other organisations to build upon.

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We’ll help show it off

We capture and edit a film-quality publicity video for every project we undertake, which you can use however you’d like.

We invest in our own research

We stay on the cutting edge by reinvesting 50% of our profits back into our research and development activities.