We put your visitors in the picture

We put your visitors in the picture

AR for Museum Social Media

The COVID pandemic revealed the power of museum social media filters to aid visitor engagement in museums, even when people could only connect with collections digitally. We saw a huge increase in VR tours, online workshops, Twitter competitions encouraging people to respond to object prompts, and more.

Quickly museum social media became a priority for the majority of organisations, and the pressure on museum social media managers to continuously churn out new, engaging content skyrocketed.

We want to help break the burn out and create a sustainable way of using museum social media filters to improve visitor engagement in museums online and onsite.

Following over four years of creating AR social media filters for a range of household brands, Curio is a leading augmented reality filter studio in the UK, and we think museum social media filters are the perfect way to engage, educate and entertain digital visitors on museum social media and real life visitors onsite.


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Boost your museum social media with historic AR

Augmented reality museum social media filters are a simple, effective way of empowering your visitors to reflect on their experiences and take creative control of your collections or historic site.

We’re all used to ‘selfie-culture’ but AR filters give digital audiences an opportunity to virtually engage with anything through museum social media: from a costume or painting to a previous architectural configuration.

By giving them the tools, AR filters encourage users to tell their own stories or share their own interpretation of a painting or display.

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Meet people from the past, dress up, step into other worlds...

The list of experiences you can achieve through museum social media filters is constantly growing.

You can create experiences such as:

  • A selfie AR filter for Snapchat that allows you to wear a historical figure’s makeup or headdress
  • A selfie AR filter for Facebook that recognises a ‘surprised’ expression to trigger an animated graphic
  • A spatial AR filter for Instagram that allows you to place a piece of art or sculpture in your living room
  • An AR filter for Instagram which uses image recognition to bring an album cover artwork to life in 3D
  • An immersive selfie filter for Instagram which uses background segmentation to place you into a 360 scene

We’re experts at understanding which objects and stories from your collection will make a fun and memorable AR experience as a museum social media filter. We can even utilise existing digitised assets like 2D or 3D scans, or photogrammetry models that you already have to develop new and exciting AR content.

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No need to download another app

Whether you want to highlight a key item from your collection, add context to an artwork or museum piece, or reconstruct the past wonders of a deteriorating building, there are now countless opportunities to make great AR content built directly into the top social media platforms.

We create bespoke AR content based on museum collections which works directly with your museum social media by connecting to your existing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok accounts.

We restrict file sizes to ensure rapid downloads, that each museum social media filter can be accessed directly via a QR Code, and to give users the full advantages of posting, sharing and tagging on their respective social media platforms.

This gives visitors a simple but immersive AR experience that enables them to engage with collections in a creative way online, but which also works well as an in-gallery experience.

Improving accessibility in museums through augmented reality

Adding AR filters to your museum social media is a great way of giving your audience a highly accessible ‘lite’ AR experience, but AR filters won’t only help with your museum social media offering. They help build accessibility in museums onsite too.

We designed 7 AR filters for a museum in Greece, which let users try on outfits on display in their current exhibition. Visitors could share selfies wearing these historic costumes online and tag museum social media accounts which helped promote the exhibition to a larger online audience that resulted in an increase in real life visitors.

We’ve also developed museum social media filters that let visitors take a commemorative selfie in a historic setting, or that bring artwork to life either by animating portraits, changing the colours in a piece, or making a 2D image burst out of its frame in 3D.

Adding AR filters to your museum social media improves accessibility by letting your visitors take control of their experience, and gives them a chance to get hands-on with collections. By putting themselves in the picture, visitors can easily share their own stories and opinions on exhibitions and objects.

Get in touch to find out how you can use augmented reality filters to improve visitor engagement in museums and grow your online audience.