Explore Ancient History like never before

Explore Ancient History like never before

Acropolis AR

Zubr Curio’s Acropolis AR app is a new augmented reality experience that brings the iconic ancient Greek monument to life.

After three years of development, multiple trips to Athens and close collaboration with academic partners, we are proud to unveil this powerful piece which serves as a framework for immersive interpretation of other historical sites.

Parthenon in 5th Century top view

Explore the entire Acropolis site in its former glory

Visitors to the Acropolis of Athens will be able to access our groundbreaking 1:1 augmented reality overlay of the whole Acropolis site as one continuous experience.

Explore our augmented reality Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylaia, Sanctuary of Artemis and Chalkotheke as they would have appeared in the 5th Century, and walk the paths that connect them.    

Acropolis ruins in AR
Parthenon in 5th Century

Restore your own miniature model of the Athens Acropolis

Bring a miniature 3D model of the Acropolis Hill into your living room anywhere in the world. Inspect the ruins as they appear today, before gradually reconstructing your own ancient Greek monuments in augmented reality, piece by piece. Expand each monument for a closer look and reveal the hidden details.

Digital 3d model image of Ruins of the Acropolis site
Digital 3d model image Acropolis on the 5th Century

Bring history to life in the classroom with our beautiful tabletop print

Our elegantly-designed A2 tabletop print compliments the Acropolis AR app. The print magically springs to life as an incredible 3D model for pupils to examine in detail. Up to twelve pupils can examine the model simultaneously with tablets.

Our academic consultant has ensured the educational material within the app adheres to the KS2 and KS3 curriculum.

Works with our AR binoculars for an unrivalled immersive tour of the Acropolis

Sun glare on a phone screen can be a big problem, not least at the Athens Acropolis site. In fact, it’s almost impossible to see your screen at all on an average Greek summer day.

That’s why we made our new AR binoculars fully compatible with the AR Acropolis app. Whether at the site or somewhere else, users can get a glare-resistant, unobstructed view of our incredible augmented reality reconstructions through a dedicated, portable device.

Person looking through AR binoculars to digital ancient Acropolis

Our whitelabel AR framework powers third party cultural heritage applications

We built our feature-packed and powerful AR solution as a whitelabel framework for third party applications to adapt and release their own branded experience.

Other organisations and companies have already released their own successful cultural heritage applications built with our software, benefiting from our custom features including:

  • Realtime sun position
  • AR calibration from onsite interpretation panel
  • Optimised user experience for both on a historical site or off site
  • AI chatbot and 3D avatar integration
  • Multi-user networking