We bring history to life with AR trails

We bring history to life with AR trails

AR Trails

Have you ever wished you could experience the past yourself?

We bring history to life by combining city walks with a custom AR trails app to create an interactive augmented reality heritage trail.

Whether you want to develop a seasonal offer for a historic site, deepen educational engagement at a visitor attraction or increase footfall to a town centre, we’re sure we can develop the perfect augmented reality heritage trail to give locals and tourists alike a new and insightful digital experience. Or if you’re after seasonal AR trails with new content each quarter, Zubr Curio are the company for you!


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Discover hidden histories

We make AR trails which are entirely unique, full of custom augmented reality content and unexpected facts. No matter how many AR treasure hunts you’ve enjoyed, you’re bound to discover something new on one of our AR trails.

We consult with tour guides, local historians, museums and more to unlock the best historic nuggets for every AR trail: from forgotten facts to beloved local myths and legends.

Next our in-house team creates an AR trail of powerful interactive and gamified experiences to engage, entertain and educate all ages.

By combining each AR treasure hunt location into a route around key areas of a city, museum, or historic site, we create AR trails which highlight areas of historical interest and increase footfall to lesser visited places.

Our augmented reality heritage trails combine easy accessibility, breath-taking bespoke visuals, and entertaining historical facts to encourage greater awareness of each area’s unique past.

No need to download another app

Our augmented reality heritage trails change the way you see the world around you.

Experiences we often recommend including in an AR treasure hunt are:

…but we’re open to all ideas, the more imaginative the better!

A simple and accessible solution

Our augmented reality heritage trails combine immersion and interactivity, offering visitors the opportunity to step back into the past and see each town through new eyes.

We offer a range of AR heritage trails: from bespoke trail apps with maps and GPS-tracking, to using simple QR-code technology to trigger experiences as users autonomously discover them along their historic walk. The public have fully embraced QR codes since COVID-19, meaning people often automatically engage with an augmented reality heritage trail when they spot their first QR code.

Whilst they aren’t the most attractive images, the recognisable shape acts as a teaser in itself for something worth seeing; after the first one, every visitor will recognise additional trail points via the printed image, providing an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ that will keep visitors engaged.

This reduces the need for lengthy instructions, increasing accessibility for younger users.

The content in these kinds of AR treasure hunt are easily updated. We can add additional AR assets or seasonal content at a later date without needing to update signage by simply installing QR codes at any new locations.

Straightforward software

We frequently use Spark AR as the engine for our AR trails.

Spark AR is a fantastic solution that prevents barriers to participation as it publishes content directly to Instagram and Facebook. AR treasure hunt users can access each experience on the AR trail through apps they likely already own, rather than downloading another app which will take up substantial space on user devices and consume data.

This means each AR treasure hunt is instantly available to over 1 billion users. Furthermore, users are immediately able to share selfies and screenshots of the AR trail to their feed and stories, promoting their experience and increasing public awareness of the area’s rich past.

Spark AR has comprehensive data possibilities including interaction statistics. You can see user impressions, views and captures to ascertain which AR experiences and locations are most popular.

No extra fees

There are no hidden costs.

We refresh and maintain the content of all our AR trails to keep them optimised as the technology advances as part of our complimentary SLA, and are happy to add additional assets post-project if additional budget becomes available.

Custom features

Choose your favourite collections items or historic landmarks and create an immersive digital experience that appeals to all ages.

Our design team creates spectacular 2D and 3D assets for each AR treasure hunt, including accurate AR facades and interiors, 3D-modelled artefacts, and animated historical characters.

We specialise in making AR social media filters with 3D models, animated paintings and statues, wearable costumes, and hands-on experiences with museum objects like stamps or mini games.

We can also embed video and audio content to facilitate greater learning.

Past Projects

We’ve previously created AR trails for heritage/cultural organisations including Carrickfergus Castle, Visit Gravesend, Tower Bridge London, Battersea Power Station, the Pitt Rivers Museum, the University of Bristol Botanic Garden, and Bristol Old Vic.

Take a look at some of our past projects to find out more or get in touch to see what sort of augmented reality heritage trail or AR treasure hunt we can make for you.