Digital Arts and Culture Experiences

Digital Arts and Culture Experiences

Collaboration is one of our key values

Curio works with solo artists to produce AR art installations and virtual reality exhibitions, with art collectives to create digital festivals, and with community groups to make interactive illustrations and AR workshops that wow.

Collaboration is one of our key values. Whether directed by the artist’s vision or crafting our own response to your work, we will work closely with you throughout to ensure we communicate your desired message and retain your style. A Curio collab. is guaranteed to bring a unique digital perspective!

From AR art installations, exhibitions and murals...

Curio’s ethos is rooted in creativity, making us the perfect partners for elevating or promoting your work. With a wide range of approaches available, we are experts at transforming murals and prints into animated AR art installations or XR showcases for the public to enjoy.

We aim to educate in an exciting, immersive way and encourage greater support for and involvement in the arts. We frequently work with independent artists, art collectives and community groups, so we know how to create interactive artworks that will inspire audiences. theatrical AR apps and immersive film software.

Our diverse approach means we also collaborate with theatre and film makers. Our animators, developers and digital designers can add a further, 3D, dimension to your work, incorporating a digital perspective alongside more traditional mediums to bring your practice to a new audience.

Once our clients share their work with us, we’ll collaborate to augment each piece – perhaps cutting out and animating elements, bringing the subject of a painting to life, or capturing and emphasising a novel element the makes your work so special.

Let's create some magic together

Our team enjoy discussing your ideas and understanding the root of your practice. We don’t see digital as a replacement for traditional art forms; we see it as a way of expanding your work to bring it to a new audience.

Recent clients include Soap Soup Theatre, High Life Highland, and Seed Sedgemour.

We offer free consultations so you can explore the options available, as we know the transition into digital can be quite daunting, and can support funding bids or join forces on applications to ensure your project has the financial support it needs.

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